Our story

We are a non profit society in Alberta, Canada


Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Atheist Society of Calgary (ASC) is to foster a community of atheists, humanists, skeptics and secular free thinkers; to provide education and promote scientifically-based knowledge; and to uphold the separation of religion and government. 

Guiding Principles:

  • Defending human rights, particularly those of non-religious people including; 

    • Freedom of expression

    • Freedom of, and freedom from religion

  • Supporting reason and science 

  • Supporting evidence-based policy

  • Being receptive to differing ideas and basing opinions on facts, evidence and reason 

  • Keeping faith-based ideas, superstition and religious ideology out of the public sphere

 Key activities:

  • Volunteering to enhance the well-being of our community

  • Providing a support-group for those leaving religion

  • Holding events to disseminate scientific knowledge, discuss and debate important issues and to socialize

  • Advocating for key issues of importance to the atheist community

  • Supporting secular, reason-based public education

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